Demons On Earth

Demons have inhabited the Earth since its creation

Inca Origins

The mythical past of the Incas has surprising similarities to other religions – including Christianity – once you get past the superficial differences.

The Sun God and Moon Goddess, both worshipped by the ancient Inca, had a son and a daughter who were sent to earth and became the first Incas and progenitors of the race.

Inti – the Sun God – and his wife Mama Quilla – the Moon Goddess –  taught their son, Manco Capac, and daughter, Mama Ocllo, the arts of civilization, which they then shared with the Inca people.

As brother and sister, we’re confronted with the same incest issues that arise in Christianity – with whom did the offspring of Adam and Eve mate? – as well as other mythologies.

There’s the paradox of incestuous gods and the practice of incest forbidden among the human population. Perhaps incest is one of those things reserved for deities because of their perfection, but forbidden to humans because of the disastrous consequences of inbreeding – just look at the European monarchies. As with so many things, such as the wholesale destruction of human life, it’s acceptable for the gods, but not for the rest of us.

How could such similar stories be so widely distributed over space and time? After we account for the localized variations, the basic facts are almost identical. I find it highly unlikely that these stories spread from earlier cultures around the world through personal contact after the development of civilization.

Possibly, the stories are literally true and were carried around the world by the first humans to leave Africa 60,000 years ago, but that’s a very long time for these stories to persist, even in a distorted form.

Is it possible that beings with highly advanced intelligence have visited multiple groups over the millenia and given them the knowledge of civilization? If we believe even a fraction of the stories, this is the most plausible answer.

Whether we call them Gods or extra-terrestrials, they clearly came from somewhere else – most have some direct connection to the heavens – and shared knowledge and wisdom with our primitive human ancestors.


Expanding the Search

My original theory was that demons are the cause of all pain and suffering. While I still hold to that, I’m discovering a much broader and more complex world view based on historical accounts (scriptures and mythology) and I haven’t even started with “modern” accounts.

The “Other” Bible

When Constantine commissioned the codification of holy scripture in 331 AD, the result was fifty “bibles” prepared by Eusebius of Caesarea which essentially canonized the modern Bible, although many changes continued to be made until the Council of Trent in the 16th century locked in the Catholic canon.

However, early Christians also had access to hundreds of other documents, accepted as divinely inspired, which were excluded from the final canon.

How does this affect the divinity of the Bible?

The work of man is not perfect, yet many believe the Bible to be the literal word of God.

Was everyone who had a hand in the decision-making, translation, and transcription of biblical texts over the last two thousand years really inspired by God? Does this make newer translations of scripture more – or less – inspired and trustworthy?

The Council of Trent established, by decree, that the Vulgate translation was the official version of Scripture and that the Catholic Church’s interpretation of the Bible was final, condemning anyone who substituted their own interpretation as a heretic. Certainly a convenient way to ensure the continued domination of the Pope.

And what about all those books that have been excluded by one group or another throughout history? Are they less reliable because someone disagreed with their content?

The Other Bible, edited by Willis Barnstone, contains many of these disputed books and has been a major resource for me in delving into a broader understanding of Christianity and the role of demons – and other supernatural beings – in human existence.

The more open one’s mind, the easier it is to see the larger picture and to understand our place in the cosmos.

Interpreting Facts and Fiction

How we interpret information is based on many things like: culture, education, intelligence.

As a consequence, individuals may understand the same information in very different ways. And nowhere is this a in the study of mythology and theology. My experience has been that we interpret our own theological beliefs as fact and the beliefs of others – depending on the degree of difference from our own – as myth.

It may be impossible for anyone to completely step outside their own cultural “construct” and objectively analyze their own belief system, but for the devoted seeker of knowledge, it’s essential to – as much as possible – view all information objectively.

Equally important is for us to attempt to interpret the information that’s come down to us from antiquity in a way that takes into account the limitations of those writing the accounts. For example, in The Other Bible, edited by Willis Barnstone, Mr. Barnstone writes about the Book of Enoch, “It was probably written by a Hellenistic Jew from Alexandria in the first century A.D.”

I’m confident this is accurate – as far as it goes. But this assumption may only relate to the manuscripts and resources to which Mr. Barnstone had access. The Book of Enoch records events that are supposed to have taken place some 2,000 years earlier, so logically no original record of the events would exist.

The book itself is written in the first person, that is by Enoch himself. But this isn’t proof positive that Enoch actually wrote it. Writers commonly attributed their works to more authoritative sources to add credibility to their work.

As we read the Book of Enoch, we have to sift through multiple layers of interpretation from our own, back through the work of multiple scribes and translators, and finally to Enoch’s (assuming he really wrote it) attempts to describe his extraordinary experiences.

We can only gather a hint of what the real truth might be, but that doesn’t mean we should stop searching and trying to understand our place in the universe.

Inter-stellar Travel

I recently came face-to-face with my own limited powers of understanding.

Reading about the books of Enoch (and I’ll get more into those later), I realized that “primitive” humans were describing, to the best of their ability, things they simply couldn’t comprehend. I thought smugly how much more knowledgeable we are about such things until I realized that we’re in the same position.

I had always assumed that inter-stellar travel – even from the nearest star – would take years, because of nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Visitors from other star systems couldn’t possibly be popping back and forth to Earth, it would just take too long.

What I never took into consideration, until now, is what we might call the “Enoch Effect.” These beings are far more advanced and intelligent than we are and whether they are actual deities or not, they would appear as such to us, even now. We can’t possibly understand their full capabilities, many of which would appear supernatural to us.

They could easily be traveling through multiple dimensions in fractions of a second, appearing to materialize and dematerialize out of thin air. They could build extensive bases on Earth, the Moon, and other planets and we wouldn’t even recognize them. They might not even be visible to us.

As a practical example, the human eye sees light in the “visible” spectrum, but we have to use machines to detect x-rays, microwaves, ultraviolet and infrared radiation. What else are we missing because our senses – and our machines – are not finely tuned enough to gather more information? We may be surrounded by other beings and dimensions of which we’re completely unaware.

Beings from these “other realms” could very well have the same emotions and problems that we have and be engaged in conflicts over the Earth and other places throughout the cosmos.

We could also argue that the Earth was, at one time, under the control of benevolent beings that helped create a paradise here, but were driven out by evil forces – which we’ve been calling demons – that are now in control and creating chaos and suffering.

Perhaps the prophecies are not metaphors or wild guesses after all. Perhaps the day will come when the extra-terrestrial forces of good will return and cast out evil.